Robotic Tool System


Black-I Robotics has developed a new Universal Robotic Tool System to improve the utility of robotic systems against various IED threats.  Our current pricing and tool set options including photos and descriptions can be found at this linked address

Useful Against All Kinds of IEDs

The Robotic Tool System is specifically designed to improve robotic stand-off distance against
  • Vehicle Borne IEDs
  • Person Borne IEDs
  • Baggage and Fuel Containers
  • Buried IEDs

The basic idea is to help EOD, HAZMAT and SWAT teams improve the utility of their existing robot investments and to assist these robots in gaining access to suspect sites without endangering the person or the robot.

EOD operators are familiar with the Israeli tool kits.  This is a generational improvement on that concept.  How?

  • The tool sets have all seen generational design improvements
  • The gripper blocks are now interchangeable between major robot models and manufacturers especially those used in the US.
  • The system frankly costs a lot less
  • We added new tools based on trials conducted for CTTSO/TSWG and the NIST VBIED tests.  Not to mention we got specific user input  from various bomb squads and added our own concepts.

Works with All Major EOD Robots

This tool set can be used by most major brands of EOD robots.  We accomplish this by making the tool kit modular so that tool kit itself is common to various robots but the gripper block custom to each major model of UGV.  In this way bomb squads can save money by using the same tool kit with all their major robots regardless of manufacturer.

Specific Tools

  • Stripper Tool to remove suicide vests without harming the bearer, cut open backpacks and soft luggage
  • Disposable Stand-Off Tool best used with water bottle charges to open trunks, blast windows and place charges while giving a meter or more of stand-off distance between the charge and the robot and without damaging the tool kit.
  • Super Clip which is a modified D-Ring shagging and release system ideal for grabbing backpacks out of luggage bins or snagging propane tanks for relocation. The D-Ring is attached to a rope that allows either the robot or a remote human or a winch to pull heavy objects while maintaining a safe stand-off distance.
  • Digger Blade suitable for digging up a buried IED or snagging command wires
  • Car Door Opener specifically designed to assist EOD robots in opening automotive card doors
  • Box Knife system for cutting into soft sided luggage, backpacks or puncturing plastic bottles
  • Flat Blade for separating or cutting explosives
  • Picatinny Clamps for mounting lights, lasers or other sensors helpful in identifying a threat from a stand-off distance
  • Hooks and Lifting Brackets for picking up Propane tanks, lifting baggage or holding heavy objects like 20 liter fuel containers.
  • Window Punches & Glass Pullers designed to break automotive glass and pull out safety glass.  It can also be used on building windows and to remove glass and curtains or screens.
  • Harpoon is a device like a whale harpoon used to penetrate and snag hard to grip items like cardboard, trunk flooring, vehicle carpet and large plastic containers.
  • Various adaptive pole length inserts that can add about two meters of meter length to the tools which can be handy when reaching into trunks, across vehicle cabins or under chassis.
  • Various insert pole angles that can add flexibility to the robot's approach to the target. This can be particularly helpful when looking under vehicles, adjacent to parked cars in a parking lot or inside a truck cargo area.

Purchasing the System

  • The Robotic Tool System can be purchased as a kit which is the most economical approach.
  • Or Individual Tools can be purchased separately as can model specific gripper blocks. For example some bomb squads that some tools already may wish to address specific deficiencies in their capabilities such as suicide vest removal from a living subject and to open car doors which is particularly challenging for a robot without this tool system.
  • We will match the tools to the customer's robot by supplying gripper blocks suited to that manufactured robot.  Presently we cover over 90% of the civilian EOD robotic installed base and will build custom blocks as needed.
  • For specific pricing, tools and kit information please go to this pdf link.