Robotic Electric Jack


Use a Robot to Activate the Electric Automobile Jack Safely from a Stand-Off Distance

How It Works

  • The Robot Gripper Carries the entire kit down range to a parked automobile or truck.
  • The robot arm taps the raised toggle on the right and the jack goes up until it reaches a limit switch.
  • To lower the jack, the robot arm pushes sideways the left raised toggle switch.
  • The skid plates is tapered for easy deployment
  • The power comes from an 18volt DeWalt battery which detaches and is recharged separately.
  • The entire unit is very rugged and will life a vehicle high enough for even the largest robot arms to get underneath the vehicle with ease.  
  • Using Velcro attached mirrors and lights make this system a breeze for getting under automobiles. The location of the mirrors and lights depend on the type of robot using the jack and where its cameras are mounted.  We've found that buying cheap COTS automobile backup mirrors and mounting small LED lights on the jack base is more than sufficient for all robots we've tested to work this system with ease.


  • The Lift capacity if over 2000 lbs
  • The Entire system weights 22 lbs
  • The gripper for this jack is designed to be used by the F6A but we add a flexible cable handle and have easily been able to operate this system from large robots down to robots as small as the Dragon Runner or the PackBots.
  • The entire system includes the jack, the skit plate, two DeWalts, a charging system.  It comes in a hard shell Pelican type case with room for extra supplies.


  • We sell the robotic vehicle jack system as a complete kit.
  • Pricing can be found at this link..

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