Special Note:  If you are considering proposing to the DARPA-SN-12-26 HACMS program we have created a special page to assist you at this location.

Black-I Robotics's LandShark series chassis are ideal platforms for  research and development involving unmanned ground system, autonomy and navigation.

Some reasons for this include:
  • Open JAUS compliant software
  • A large open deck on the chassis suitable for research related payloads that need space and power and accessible mounting points
  • Ubiquitous power connections
  • Ethernet connectivity for payloads to chassis, computer and communications
  • Cost effectiveness - usually about half the cost of more common military systems.
Common research applications for our systems include:
  • Counter IED/VBIED
  • UXO Detection
  • Autonomous Navigation
  • Visual Navigation and Complex Terrain Mapping
  • Robotic Swarming
  • Security & Surveillance Sensing
  • CBRN & Hazmat
We have and are working with a number of US laboratories and research institutions most of whom wish to remain anonymous.  Generally these include major entities within:
  • Department of Energy Research Laboratories
  • Prime Defense Contractors
  • Academic and Quasi-Governmental Research Centers
  • Dept. of Defense Entities
Please contact us directly for more information.