In the News
Bomb Squad Gets Bigger, Better Robot - Lincoln Nebraska Journal Star, May 4, 2012

"Black-I Robotics Partners With Energid Technologies to Develop Innovative Robotics Arm System" August 26, 2010

"Inspired Product Lands at Logan" Boston Globe January 12, 2010

Bedford Minuteman, January 20, 2009, "Popular Science Picks Black-I Robotics Amont Top 100 Tech Innovations"

Lowell Sun, January 18, 2009.  "Business booming at Black-I Robotics"

Popular Science, December 2008. Best of What's New for 2008 in Security: LandShark - A Bomb Squad on Wheels"

Popular Science, December 2008.  "A Dad Who Fought Back"

Grief Lead Father to Create Bomb-Defusing Robot- Fox New July 7, 2008

Man Who Lost Son In Iraq On Quest To Protect Military - WCVB ABC Boston, MA July 9. 2008


"Remember Us", a New England Cable News Documentary, November 11, 2007, See Section 8 of this video documentary for a discussion of the John D. Hart family and the founding of Black-i Robotics.

Fox News 25 Robots Can Pull Soldiers to Safety May 14, 2007

Lowell Sun, May 15, 2007 Company Hopes Robot Gives Bombs Black-i

WGN TV Channel 9 Chicago May 20 2007 Inventor creates Landshark Robot

Boston Globe    May 14, 2007   LANDSHARK

Boston Globe    May 14, 2007  Robot Invasion

Boston Business Journal    May 11, 2007

NBC Today Show March 23, 2007 "Father's Mission to Aid U.S. Troops" interview with Brian & Alma Hart

MCADcafe  Weekly     January 5, 2007
Press Releases

Black-I Robotics Wins Air Force Contract to Help Secure Robots from Hackers, July 25, 2012

Black-I Robotics Supports Intelligent Automation Inc. in SBIR Multi-Phased Award. February 14, 2012

Calvin Falk Photography has a series of excellent photos of the LandShark Series G here.

Revolutionary Hybrid Unmanned Ground Vehicle, the First Available Commercially, Announced by Black-I Robotics.  August 11, 2008

Black-I Robotics Awarded TSWG Contract - Press Release July 3, 2008 

"Don't Send A Man To Do A Machine's Job", by Brian T. Hart, CEO Black-I Robotics, Inc., Published in Robotics, Holland + Knight LLP, December 2007, Volume 1, Issue 1.

May 15, 2007 - Black I Robotics Announces LandShark Family of UGVs
Affordable Robust Robots for the Common Man

High-Tech Robot to Aid State Bomb Squad – Boston Herald, Jan 16 2008