Philosophy of Use



We believe UGV chassis should be thought of as Jeeps which can then be modified for specific missions. Our UGVs are designed to accept mission specific modules on a common power train or chassis. This allows the UGV to perform specific missions in the above mentioned markets.


We specialize in affordable, robust robotic platforms and systems.  We believe the use of emerging mobile robotics technologies, especially those designed for outdoor and rough environments, requires that they be reliable and robust.  For ubiquitous use, and in particular, getting these life and limb saving devices into the hands of military, public safety and commercial users, mobile robotic platforms and subsystems must also become more affordable.


Black-I's UGVs are built with commercial off the shelf components (COTS) where possible along with custom build or designed parts where needed. This allows the UGV to be affordable and repairable using standard tools and inexpensive replacement parts. Thus, Black-I's UGVs maintains a low MTBR and MTTR.  By design, Black-I's UGVs keep total life cycle costs under control for end-users.


Our computer architecture and software is designed around standard JAUS protocols. We create an Ethernet on board the UGV so that a wide range of sensors, payloads and attachments can be easily integrated.


To date most of our work has focused on mid-sized unmanned ground systems – a class generally defined as weighing between 200 and 2000 pounds. This size range offers excellent payload potential at the most reasonable cost. It also fills a hole left in the market by the military’s Future Combat System initiatives that focused on small man portable UGVs and very large tank type vehicles leaving almost nothing in between.  Black-I Robotics focuses on the middle ground niche between these two extremes.