Our Products

LandShark Unmanned Ground Vehicle Series

Black-I has researched and developed a series of six-wheeled Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV robots) that are strong, fast and affordable.  These robots are called the LandShark series of UGVs by the Company or designated a Affordable Robust Mid-Sized Unmanned Ground Vehicles (ARMS UGVs) by the US government. 

The Company is rolling out a series of mission modules that allow the UGV to perform multiple functions in these markets. In general we use a standard base chassis (the LandShark) and add payloads or mission modules that are unique to the task.  This allows the user to get multiple missions from a common UGV investment.

Robotic Arms, End Effectors for Mobile Platforms

We are also heavily involved in developing a series of extremely strong and intelligent robotic arms and attachments for mobile robotic platforms. We began selling these arm attachments in 2010 and are releasing new arms, end effectors and attachments in 2011.  These are primarily for the LandShark UGV but can be used on other mobile platforms.

Third Party Modules

Black-I Robotics offers as series of third party add-on modules.  Examples of these include:

  • Enhanced digital radio modules
  • High performance pan-tilt zoom camera turrets with high visual optic and thermal capabilities
  • Mobile autonomy modules
  • Chemical, biological and radiation sensors
  • Ground penetrating sensors
  • Secondary robots which are marsupial deployed from the LandShark UGV

Gemini Scout Mine Rescue Robot

In 2011 Black-I Robotics entered into an exclusive license with Sandia National Laboratories for the manufacture, further development and commercialization of the Gemini Scout Unmanned Ground Vehicle. Its primary purpose is underground mine rescue operations in extremely hazardous environments.  It can serve as a reconnaissance unit and a chemical sensor platform and is designed to work in explosive gaseous environments. The Gemini Scout is also a very robust all terrain robotic chassis with unique and patented articulating sections for spanning ditches and extreme rocky or irregular terrains.