Modular Add-on Partners

Black-I Robotics integrates technologies from a number of excellent suppliers, partners and collaborators. 

Some of their logos are shown to the right.
  • Energid Techologies - Arm and End Effector enhanced software controls
  • Open JAUS - Standardized open system architecture for ground robotics
  • Sandia National Laboratories - Gemini Scout Robot
  • IbisTek - Advanced IP Tactical Radios
  • Amrel - Field hardened Windows based touchscreen tablet computers
  • MarcoUSA - Armadillo small UGV for marsupial deployment
  • 5D Robotics - Autonomous navigation and collision avoidance software modules
  • AmeriPack - Hardned roto-molded cases for OCUs
  • Ideal Products - Water disruptor
  • Moog QuickSet - Adavanced Pan Tilt Zooms and Camera systems
  • Navsea Dahlgren - Collaborative Research & Development Agreement for Autonomous Navigation
  • DukePro - Shock tube initiators
  • Intelligent Automation Inc - Intelligent and Autonomous Payloads for Sensors and Navigation
  • American GNC - Inertial navigation systems
  • Technology Support Working Group - Our primary government sponsor