Law Enforcement
Black-I Robotics has been tasked by the Technology Support Working Group (TSWG), a subset of the DOD/DOJ's Counter Terrorism Technology Support program to design and build unmanned ground system technologies that will assist US law enforcement and border security initiatives.

Common applications for our systems include:
  • Explosive Ordnance - Counter IED and Vehicle Borne IEDs in Particular
  • Airport Security and Bomb Squad Applications
  • Hazmat
  • Fire
  • SWAT
  • Border Surveillance
  • Tunnel Exploration
Some reasons for this include:
  • Our system is strong enough to manipulate heavy objects like suit cases and barrels that may contain bombs
  • Our system is large enough to reach into automobiles and trucks and strong enough to remove items like propane tanks, artillery shells and fuel canisters or to place heavy water disruption charges where they can be effective
  • We integrate payloads built to the open JAUS standards allowing quick and easy integration of payloads from other companies developed to the same government standard
  • We are relatively cost effective and much less expensive than traditional robots developed by military contractors.  This is particularly important to law enforcement personnel working under tight financial constraints
  • TSWG has been sponsoring our development as a new standard for UGVs in US law enforcement with Congressional support
We several government entities, some of whom can be disclosed, but mostly they are affiliated in some manner with TSWG/DOJ UGV initiatives:
  • Technology Support Working Group
  • Logan International Airport
  • Sandia National Laboratories
  • Customs & Border Patrols
  • Unnamed other state and federal law enforcement entities.
Please contact us directly for more information.