Demonstration & Test Videos


 LandShark UGV Arm Demo 8 Degree of Freedom  LandShark UGV Arm Manipulation Demonstration Cinder Blocks and Vehicle    
 LandShark Water Disrupter Test for Counter IED LandShark Water Disrupter Tests
 GEMINI SCOUT Gemini Scout Mine Rescue Robot - Sandia Video
 Black-I Robotics LandShark with Smoke Gun against vehicle
 LandShark CBRNE  LandShark SensorShark Configuration with CBRNE payload attachments. Biological down range detection, radiation detection and chemical sniffing.
 LANDSHARK SERIES D Dazzler Green Dazzler Test on LandShark D
 LandShark Dazzler Test plus Boomerang Attachment Counter Sniper System - LandShark Series D UGV with Boomerang Counter Shot Acoustic Detector, Visual Empairment Laser Dazzler and Hybrid Power System for Extended Run-Time September 2008
 VBIED and IED Related Tests of Series C  LandShark Series G Conducting Water Disruptor Tests June 2011
LandShark Follow Leader Demo LandShark UGV Autonomous Follow Leader Technology with 5D and AUVSI
 LandShark Combat Engineering Bloomberg piece showing LandShark lifting mortars and using EM array
 LandShark EM Array LandShark with front mounted EM Array from White River Technology
 LandShark UXO Array LandShark Towing UXO Array over very rough terrain
Electric Jack Demo  Black-I Robotics Electric Automobile Jack Remotely Deployed by UGV Demo
 Door Opener Tool Demo Black-I Robotics Automobile Door Opener Tool Demo
 Hoe and Trowel Tool Black-I Robotics Hoe and Trowel Tool Digging with Lightweight Robot
Vest and Strap Cutting Tool  Black-I Robotics Seatbelt, Strap and Vest Cutting Tool
 UGV Casualty Evacuation Test  
Black-I Robotics Preliminary Test of Life Saving Evacuation Capability April 2008
 LandShark Sled Towing Test LandShark Drag and Drop Sled Test for Casualties and Supplies
Water Breaching Pole Tool
 Black-I Robotics Stand off Tool Water Breaching Pole
 Super Clip Snaring Tool Black-I Robotics Super Clip Snaring Tool for Propane Tanks with Dragon Runner
 Punch Attachment Tool Punch Attachment Tool for robots
 Propane Tool Hook Tool Black-I Robotics Tool for Hooking Propane Tanks demonstrated with F6A
 Knife Tool Attachment Black-I Robotics Knife Tool Attachment for Robots
Dig Demo
 Black-I Robotics Hard Pack Dig Test