About Company



Black-I Robotics designs, manufactures and sells affordable robust unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs).


Men shouldn't be asked to do a machine's job.

Brian T. Hart, founded the company with business partners Richard Hart and Arthur Berube after Brian’s son, PFC John Daniel Hart, was killed in Iraq at the age of 20.

The founders were alarmed at the slow rate of fielding robust and cost effective robotic platforms which save lives of soldiers and innocent civilians. With recent advances in robotics, unmanned ground vehicles are capable of taking on many of the dirty and dangerous jobs soldiers and first responders had to risk their lives doing a few years before.

Black-I Robotics was incorporated in 2006 though work had begun in early 2005. After several years of development, our first commercial sales were in 2008 and we have steadily advanced since then.

Making mobile robotic platforms practical, robust and affordable saves lives.  That is our mission and our passion.