Affordable Robust Unmanned Ground Solutions
Black-I Robotics presented at the DARPA HACMS kick off meeting in Kennebunkport Maine in August 2012

Black-I Robotics is pleased to be awarded a $528,000 contract from Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome NY for customized LandShark Series H robots to support the DARPA HACMS (High Assurance Cyber Military Systems) program. Delivery scheduled for October 2012.

Black-I Robotics was honored to be one of three companies selected by NIST for testing against a Vehicle Borne IED obstacle course in Socorro NM in March. Game On.

DARPA released on Feb. 23,2012 its Broad Agency Announcement DARPA-BAA-12-21 High Assurance Cyber Military Systems (HACMS) program.  Black-I's LandShark UGV system was selected by DARPA as the Exemplar UGV system meeting all requirements for the program.

Black-I Robotics is pleased to support Intelligent Automation Inc. in SBIR A11-048 "Intelligent Vehicle Behaviors for Explosive Hazard Detection & Neutralization on Narrow Unimproved Routes".

Black-I Robotics exhibited at the NDIA Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference in San Diego March 21-23 at the Sheraton Hotel & Marina.

Black-I Robotics is now the exclusive commercial licensee of Sandia National Laboratories Gemini Scout unmanned ground vehicle.  This all terrain vehicle has been specifically designed for high hazard applications such as coal mine rescue.

In December 2011, Black-I exhibited at the Counter Terrorism Technology Support Organization's closed conference in Fort Lauderdale.

In June 2011, the Technology Support Working Group exercised an option to expand and extend development of certain counter IED capabilities for Black-I Robotics' unmanned ground vehicle systems.

In April 2011 Black-I sold its first European based customer a commercial LandShark chassis.

Black-I Robotics has been awarded a major contract from the Technology Support Working Group for 2010-2011

Black-I Robotics designs and manufactures unmanned ground vehicles (UGV's) that meets the cost and physical requirements for the majority of today's robotic applications.

The robot  is faster, stronger and more affordable than comparable robots on the market today. The vehicle is designed for a 300 lb payload and will operate at speeds up to 17 mph.  A complete list of mission modules are available for a variety of  applications.

Black-I Robotics excels in rapid prototyping and fielding new unmanned technologies. We utilize commercial-off-the-shelf technologies (COTS) when applicable to minimize system costs while speeding new innovations into the field. Each of  our vehicular platforms has multi-mission capabilities.